Lag B’aomer Meals

Pre-Order ONLY!
All orders MUST be in By Monday May 11 at 3 PM

 Wraps & Bagels Are Mezonos!

Sandwich Box - $15.00
Each box will contain a sandwich, fruit, chips, napkin and cookie!

  • grilled chicken wrap
  • turkey wrap
  • salami wrap 
  • bagel with tuna  

Health Option - $15.00 
Each Box will contain a salad, fruit , protein Bar, napkin, 2 forks!

  • Tuna Scoop On Garden Salad
  • Grilled Chicken On Garden Salad 

Sandwich Platter - $45.00
Assorted Wraps - 5 wraps cuts in 1/2

  • Tuna, Grilled Chicken, Turkey, Salami 

Water bottle - $1.00 

Pre-order at Laykies Gourmet [email protected]

There are no trash bins at facility. An additional grocery bag will be provided for disposing leftovers to be kept in car.