At Chabad Outreach, we believe people of all ages should enjoy happiness and dignity. We do many programs and visits in various senior homes around Houston to enhance the lives of local seniors. 

We offer Holiday Ceremonies and Celebrations, Discussions and classes with the Rabbi, and soon we will be offering a wonderful NEW opportunity; Tots2Seniors!

We all want to raise children who are engaged with their communities, who help others in need, and who work to make the world a better place. Volunteering with kids reinforces these values and helps our children develop empathy and compassion. Young children may not fully grasp the concept of volunteering, but taking part in these events from an early age will help establish service as a regular part of their lives.

We have decided to offer a multi- generational class where young tots have the opportunity to interact with each other and seniors in the same environment.

Developing stronger connections between these older adults and their community can have tremendous benefits for young and old. 

If you would like your child to be part of this wonderful opportunity, please email us.