Jewish Learning Institute course Heaven on Earth as we make a three-week Kabbalistic “excavation” of the ancient Temple instruments.

The Babylonians and Romans destroyed it. The Moslems built a mosque on top of it and adamantly deny that it ever existed. Yet for the Jew, it is the holiest place on earth!

Vessels of the Holy Temple
 on Earth

3 Week Course Summer JLI


Interactive virtual tour ofthe Holy Temple Vessels

Begins Week of July 12, 2009 

At Chabad Outreach Center Instructor: Rabbi Moishe Traxler


Ancient secrets are hiding just behind the Kotel – the revered Western Wall. Every beam, bracket and building both within and without the Temple Mount hold immense spiritual significance. This summer, learn some of these secrets with the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute course Heaven on Earth as we make a three-week Kabbalistic “excavation” of the ancient Temple instruments.

The Temple in ancient times served not only as the heart of the Jewish homeland, but also as the heart of the Jewish people. Through understanding the deeper mystical aspects of the Temple vessels and instruments, we will connect to our own hearts and selves in a much deeper way.

Heaven on Earth connects profound spiritual teachings and advanced technology to bring students through the Temple’s service. Ancient mystical concepts and detailed power point presentations provide insight into the spiritual functions of the Temple’s holy items.


Heaven on Earth is a three week course offered at three convenient times

Sundays  from 10:00am – 11:30am 

Tuesdays from 10:30am-12:00pm

Tuesdays from 7:30-9:00pm at Chabad Outreach Center, 11000 Fondren Rd Ste B104, Houston TX, 77096, 713-774-0300.


The course is free but there is an $18 fee for the student textbook. Sponsorships for $180.


To register, call Jenny today at 713-774-0300 or [email protected].



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