Rabbi Dr Laibl Wolf LL.B M.Ed. Psych. D.Div.,
Lawyer, Psychologist, Author, Hassidic Teacher

Rabbi Dr Wolf is an exceptional exponent of ancient wisdoms and cutting-edge psychology. Lawyer and psychologist as well as an ordained Hasidic Rabbi, he is an internationally renowned speaker and the celebrated author of the best-selling Practical Kabbala (published by Random House). His works have been highly acclaimed by diverse world leaders such as Rabbi Lord Sir Jonathan Sacks obm, and the Dalai Lama.

Dr. Wolf will be lecturing on the Kabbala Perspective of Artificial Intelligence. A large audience is expected to hear this unusual speaker who sports an Australian accent  explain profound secrets of Kabbala and connect them with the latest psychological data and personality development on this very pressing topic of Artificial Intelligence gaining control of the people who created and use it.