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Presidential election campaigns raise crucial issues.
Politicians strive for advantage while citizens use the powerful ballot to express their honest convictions, invoking their social obligation to choose wisely.


This powerful series will examine the Talmud’s wisdom to help navigate today’s political hot-button issues. It will enlighten students and help them contribute to our great democracy by casting their vote for the candidate of their choice.
Lesson 1 Thu, Sept 13 7:15pm
Distribution & Redistribution of Wealth

Is wealth a mark of sin or greed or poverty a sign of laziness or ineptitude?
What should be done about inequality in wealth?

Lesson 2 Thu, Sept 20 7:15pm
Charity and taxation
How did Jewish communities understand their roles in furthering the welfare of the people with effective and ethical actions that will achieve a well-understood and well-conceived goal?

Lesson 3 Thu, Sept 27 7:15pm
Taxation with Representation

What are legitimate for government expenses and who is empowered to decide exactly which and how many of those things the government should fund?

Lesson 4 Thu, Oct. 18 7:15pm
Illegal Immigrants and Amnesty

Do countries have a right to admit immigrants only under certain conditions? What if it will disrupt its own labor market? Does a country have a right to insist that its laws be respected and its culture honored?

Lesson 5 Thu, Oct. 25 7:15pm
Healthcare Mandate

Whose responsibility is our health care? Are others responsible for me and am I responsible for others? Does a community have a right to require its members to buy health insurance? What is the role of our own free choice in solving health care problems?

Lesson 6 Thu, Nov. 1 7:15pm
Campaign Finance

When a person with power accepts gifts, his vision is blinded, his judgments are skewed, but what are the limits? Can one contribute to a PAC? Can one give a present without fear of impropriety?

We will follow cases and rulings in law, both in the modern American courts and in the halachic tradition. We will learn how we can insure that our institutions are held in the high esteem necessary for a healthy political system.

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