Can You Name the 10 Commandments?
The 613 Commandments?

Would you like to know them?

What are the laws of Messiah? Who can serve on a Jewish Court? What are the Torahs laws of inheritance? Can any Jewish man marry any Jewish woman? To what extent does a child have to honor their parents? What is the commandment of saying Shema? How many commandments are there in the Torah?

Over 800 years ago, the renowned Maimonides (Rambam) enumerated all the 613 commandments in his concise Sefer HaMitzvos and later codified them in his 14 volume classic Mishneh Torah.

In 1983, the Lubavitcher Rebbe proposed a daily study of Maimonides works. His goal was to unite all Jews with a work that encompasses the entire Torah!

Depending on ones ability, he enumerated 3 possible tiers of study:

"3 chapters of Mishneh Torah

"1 chapter of Mishneh Torah

"Sefer HaMitzvos (Book of Commandments)

Would you like to participate in this grand project at your level of scholarship? Its easy! To receive a study guide schedule or obtain a copy of the Sefer HaMitzvos or Mishneh Torah, please call 713-774-0300 or Jumbo Judaica at 713-774-7704. Please specify preferred language of study.