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  Rosh Hashana Series Part 1 (Zoom)

• Learn how to Light the Holiday candles
• Watch how a Rosh Hashana meal is performed

Rosh Hashana Series Part 2 (Zoom)

• Learn how to blow the Shofar
• All about Rosh Hashana Lesson 



JAH_SocialMedia_Square cho.jpg Judaism At Home  Sundays 10-11am

A five-part Jewish literacy series about how Judaism is observed at home, which is particularly relevant at this time, when the only place Judaism can thrive is at home.

This series will touch on many areas, ranging from the things we do upon waking, to how we eat our meals, elements of prayer, and the basics of Shabbos. The content will include practical guidance, in the style of DIY, as well as deeper insights about why we do what we do.




Cultivating Character_Social Media_Square cho.jpg Cultivating Character  - Tuesdays 7:30-8pm
Life Wisdom from the Ethics of the Fathers

Ethics of the Fathers is a compilation of timeless aphorisms from the sages of old, offering Jewish wisdom on life, morality, and character development.

Inspired by the ancient tradition of studying these teachings between Pesach and Shavuos, this miniseries brings some of the poignant teachings of Ethics of the Fathers to life, allowing its messages to resonate and inspiring personal growth.



Days to Celebrate -  Thursdays  12-12:30pm Days to Celebrate_Social Media_Square.jpg cho.jpg
Demystifying Lesser-Known Festivals of the Jewish Calendar


 During these trying times, everyone is looking for something to celebrate. Fortunately, the Jewish calendar offers us a number of opportunities of this sort during the current season.

This five-part series will enrich participant’s appreciation of these special days. The lessons explore the history, significance, deeper meaning, and traditional observances associated with these days.



 Positivity Bias_Social Media_Square cho.jpg Positivity Bias  - Fridays 12-12:30pm
Stories to Reframe Our Experiences During These Turbulent Times

  Our ability to transform lies in our ability to reframe. This five-part series offers practical wisdom for positive living inspired by the teachings of the Rebbe.

Adapted by the author from the popular book, Positivity Bias provides an ever-so-timely weaving together of inspiring short stories that uplift the spirit and reshape our perspective as we weather these challenging times.


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