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Summer Mini Yeshiva — our 28th Year!
Shabbat Guest Lectures Fri-Sat Jul 19-20 2019
Three Sundays of Classes -  July 21, 28 & Aug. 4 2019
Here is a place to study and discuss, to grow in understanding and gain knowledge of Jewishness. Whether for serious learning or just curious and want to learn more, you'll find substance and joy. We look forward to seeing you!

CLASSES: Three Sunday mornings  July 21, 28 & Aug 4

Read It in Hebrew - Learn (or re-learn) letters, vowels, syllables, words. Correct pronunciation.

10:30 am
Talmud Tractate Midos

Though destroyed 2000 years ago, the Talmud records much detail of the Second Temple construction & function. Fascinating. Visual Tour.

This class is taught during the  Three Weeks , powerfully charged days that can change the past!

Thousands of years ago, the prophet Isaiah (1:27) proclaimed: " Zion  (The Jewish people and the Temple)  shall be redeemed by law (Torah Study), and her returnees by charity." The antidote to the Holy Temple destruction and exile of the Jews and all the consequent catastrophes is through Torah Study and tzedaka says Isaiah. If his prophesy of the destruction certainly came true, why shouldn't the redemption come via his antidote?!

The Three Weeks are a particularly auspicious time to learn about the Holy Temple construction. Why? It says in the Midrash (Tanchuma Lev. 14), that after G‑d told the Prophet Ezekiel to instruct the the exiled Jewish people (after destruction of the first Temple) about the measurements and design of the third Holy Temple:

"Master of the world," Ezekiel replied, "why are You telling me to go and tell Israel the form of the House; they are now in exile in the land of our enemies—is there anything they can do about it? Let them be until they return from the exile. Then, I will go and inform them."

G‑d answered: "Should the construction of My House be ignored because My children are in exile? The study of the design of the Holy Temple as detailed in the Torah can be equated to its actual construction. Go tell them to study the form of the Holy Temple. As a reward for their study and their occupation with it, I will consider it as if they actually built the Holy Temple."

Why? How? What? - Likutei Sichos
Three questions that will turn darkness into joy, light, gladness and focus. Insights from the Lubavitcher Rebbe into the Three Weeks.


Shabbaton with Rabbi Yossi Zajac 

• Finding Divine Sparks in the Darkest Places
• Transforming Challenges into Blessings 
• Breaking the Chains of Personal Bondage
• Counting our Blessings

Shabbat Schedule

Friday, Jul 19 

8:04pm Shabbat Candle Lighting at Chabad Outreach
8:15pm Services & Talk at Lubavitch Ctr 10900 Fondren Rd
9pm Fri night dinner (rsvp only) Chabad Outreach

Shabbat, Jul 20
10am Services at Lubavitch Center
11:30 am Sermon by Rabbi Zajac
1pm Light Kiddush & Farbrengen at Chabad Outreach
8pm Services & Talk Lecture at LC

Yossi Zajac.jpg 


Rabbi Yossi Zajac of Montreal, Canada is a chaplain at the maximum sercurity Clinton Correctional facility in NY state. An engaging, colorful, intense, charismatic, knowledgeable, and exceptional speaker, he simply mesmerizes his listeners, leaving them inspired. There is nothing typical about what he says when he describes the spiritual human element in a place called prison. 

Who: Any Jewish Adult who wants to learn  
How Much:
 $36 suggested donation for entire program. Scholarships available.
Sponsorships: $180+    

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