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Menorah Lighting at Houston City Hall
5th light of Chanukah
Saturday, December 20, 8:00pm

Chabad Outreach of Houston’s 19th annual City Hall Public Menorah Lighting.

Chanukah is an eight-day holiday marking the end of oppressive Greek rule over the Jews and their holy temple in Jerusalem more than 2,100 years ago. Chanukah recalls many miracles: a small band of courageous Jews fought against huge armies for religious freedom and won; when rededicating the temple, they found one small flask of olive oil that still had the seal of purity and used it to kindle the sacred temple lamp (menorah); the oil was supposed to run out after one day but instead it lasted for eight days, giving time to manufacture more pure oil.

The Holiday of Chanukah contains a universal message for people of all faiths; namely that good will ultimately triumph over evil, freedom over oppression, and light over darkness. The Chanukah Menorah teaches us yet another message: Just as we kindle an additional candle each night of the holiday, so too must we perform additional acts of kindness and goodness. We must not be satisfied with the goodness performed yesterday.

Special Video • Chanukah Gifts for children 
Join us as we light Houston's 2nd Largest Outdoor Menorah 
Houston City Hall
900 Bagby Houston, TX  77002