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June 16 - 20, 2013     Tammuz 8-12  5773

Here is a place to study and discuss, to grow in understanding and gain knowledge of Jewishness. Whether for serious learning or just curious and want to learn more, you'll find substance and joy.
We look forward to seeing you!

 CLASSES (Sun - Thu)
6-7 PM
1.    Beginning Hebrew Reading

7-8 PM
1.     Kabbala & Jewish Mysticism by Rabbi Moishe Traxler 
2.     Talmud: Tractate Bava Kama by Rabbi Betzalel Marinovsky 

8-9 PM
1.     Weekly Parsha Studies: Chukat Rabbi Dovid Goldstein (Sun, Mon, Thu)

 GUEST LECTURES 7-9 PM (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Lazer Gurkow is a thinker and teacher. He engages listeners — leading them on provocative journeys of thought. He is gifted with the ability to present the complicated in easily understood language.
A prolific author, he has published more than 600 essays including the course on Leadership for the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) that was taught to 50,000 students on six continents. His latest book is Reaching for G‑d; The Jewish Book of Self Help.
Rabbi of Congregation Beth Tefilah, he resides with his wife and six children in London Ontario.

Tuesday, June 18, 8-9:30pm

Crossing the Gender Barrier:
Men and Women in Prayer

What are the differences? Why do they exist? Are they fair? Why are only men counted for a Minyan? Why do men thank G‑d for not making them women? An historic, halachic and kabalistic analysis.

Wednesday, June 19, 8-9:30pm
Yud Beis Tammuz

Terrorists and Human Shields
Must We Die to Protect The Shield?
What If the Shield Was Your Brother?

In Gaza, terrorists set up rocket launchers in hospitals and preschools. Can Israel Defense Forces attack the launchers despite the shield? What if the shields are forced into position against their will? If the shield were your sibling, would that change your approach? Would you endanger yourself to save your sibling?

Do the Talmud and Classical Jewish literature address this subject? How the Lubavitcher Rebbe showed incredible leadership on this issue. A riveting story.

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